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Hi and welcome to my blog!

If you are planning your next trip and need some suggestions here you’ll find what you are looking for. If you want to become a Digital Nomad don’t miss this post.

If you want to know more about me, what I do, and why I started this blog check out my bio. At the bottom of this page, you can find the links to some of the tools that I use to organize my trips. If you use my links you can get a good discount.

If you want to search the whole site for some specific info check out this page.


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TRAVEL RESOURCES is one of the best search engines for hotels. With you can book a room several months in advance and pay when you arrive. For many hotels, you can cancel the booking for free.

agoda booking

Agoda is one of my favorite websites. Although is not as popular as, you can find some great deals. It’s the best website to find accommodation in Asia.

Lonely Planet is my favorite travel guide. Reading it I can learn a lot about a new destination including the culture and the history of the country. Despite recent criticism, it’s still one of the best guides.

Flixbus offers intercity coach service in various European countries and the United States. With the Interflix ticket you can travel between 5 different cities for only 99€, definitely a good deal.


I’ve been using Santech laptops since 2014. Being a digital nomad and editing photos and videos I need quality and portability and Santech’s computers are among the best on the market at an exceptional price.

If you want to blend seemingly two or more exposures Raya Pro is one of the best Photoshop plugins for this kind of editing. You can find my review here. It’s also not too difficult to use.

Besides Raya Pro I also use TM Panel a Photoshop plugin created by Gaspare Silverii. With TM Panel you can select a portion of the image according to its luminosity or tonality and blend multiple exposures.

If you create a lot of Time-lapse videos at sunset or sunrise, LRTimelapse it’s a fundamental tool. I don’t know any other alternative with the same amount of control on your editing. This is my review.


A very important element if you want to have a successful website is a performing hosting. Cloudways is one of the best: the servers are fast and the customer care service is very good.

As I have explained here, a VPN is very important to protect your internet connection when traveling. If you are planning to visit China you’ll need a VPN to use most western websites. I use ExpressVPN.

Binance is the main exchange for selling and buying cryptocurrencies. Although the topic is not directly related to travel, cryptocurrencies can be used to make money while you’re traveling. If you sign up on Binance using my link you will pay a lower commission. Alternatively, you can use Coinbase which is easier but has higher fees.

Founded in 2017, it’s a search engine similar to Booking. com. The biggest difference is that it is based on Blockchain technology. So you can pay for your vacations with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and especially Ava (you can use Coinbase to buy them), the official coin of the site. You can sign up using this link.

Buy me a Coffee is a site that allows you to monetize your content through small donations. You can also accept monthly donations. In times like these, finding alternative sources to monetize your content is crucial. You can sign up using this link.


Atlaspacks is a new backpack brand aimed at professional photographers. It’s not cheap but the quality of this product is amazing. It’s also surprisingly light and perfect for long hiking.

DJI is the leader in the Prosumer Drones market industry and my guess is that it will take some time for its competitors to catch up. The “Made in China” is no more synonymous with low quality.

I’m a big fan of ND filters. In the past I used Hitech and Lee filters and since 2017 I switched to Zero Filters. They have a good selection of ND and GND filters with no color cast.