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In the category Travel you can find useful info to organize your next trips. My post are also arranged by continent: America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

central park new york 1

Wildlife in New York City

    Did you know that in New York there are over 836 different species of animals and plants? Find out why this city is a unique place in terms of biodiversity.

    camels wadi rum jordan

    Top things to do in Jordan in 7 days

      In the last few years Jordan has become a very popular destination. In this travel guide you will find the top things to do and to see in this beautiful country.

      sunrise singapore4q

      The top things to do in Singapore

        In this article you can find my top recommendations for the best things to do and to see in Singapore, one of the most incredible cites in the world.

        treasury petra jordan2

        Is it safe to visit Jordan?

          What is the truth about this country in the Middle East? Is it safe to travel to Jordan right now? Find out the answer in this article.

          corong corong el nido palawan sunset2

          The Philippines: the complete travel guide

            In this guide, you’ll find all you need to know to organize your next trip to the Philippines: what to do, how to get to the different places, the cost of living, the safety of the country and much more.

            tarsies bohol philippines

            Top things to do in Bohol

              In this post I explain what are some things to do and to see in Bohol and why you can’t miss this island if you visit the Philippines.