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Where to photograph the Jacaranda trees in Yunnan

In this article, you will find photos of the beautiful Jacaranda trees in full bloom in Yunnan, China.

jacarand blossom yunnan kunming

Thanks to the mild climate, Yunnan province, and particularly its capital, Kunming (here is my travel guide), is famous for growing flowers. You can see an example of this in an article about one of the most incredible places where you can see huge rapeseed flower fields: Luoping.

However, I had not yet photographed the Jacaranda trees in full bloom, and since the ideal place to find them is just about an hour’s drive from my apartment, I took the opportunity to use the drone after months (sic) of inactivity.

The Jacaranda tree belongs to the Bignoniaceae family and includes plants from Central and South America, especially from Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. These trees can reach a height of 30 m. The flowers are collected in groups and are usually blue to purple-purple.

Where and when can you photograph Jacarandas in full bloom?

bus aerial view of jacaranda in kunming china yunnan

As in the case of the lavender fields in Provence, it’s impossible to know exactly in which week you can see the flowers, but it usually happens during the first half of May.

Trees can be found all over Kunming, but the ideal place, which has become famous especially in Chinese social media, is Jiaochang Middle Road (教场中路). Other places where there are several trees are the Green Lake (翠湖南门), along the Panlong River (盘龙江), and some parts of the long Guangfu Road (广福路).

The easiest way to get to Jiaochang Middle Road (教场中路) is by taxi. There is also a bus stop called 教场中路.

jacaranda bloom yunnan

Jacaranda trees were first introduced in Kunming in 1984 by the Kunming Botanical Garden. The institute obtained 10 seeds from Algeria through a seed exchange program. After more than 30 years, the trees are everywhere in the city.

Here are the photos I took with the drone. If you want to take your drone abroad, don’t forget to check this article, where you can find the list of countries where you can’t use it.

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On this page, you can find the photos I took of the flowers in Hokkaido, Japan, and here you can find the review of a plugin for Photoshop that I use to edit all my pictures.

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        As a Chinese, I didn’t even know there were such flowers. You took such a great photo!

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