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Exploring Kaohsiung: the night market of Ruifeng (瑞豐夜市)

Taiwan is famous for its numerous night markets, especially in Taipei. But you can find a lot of night markets all over the island. Discover the Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市) in Kaohsiung.

ruifeng night market in kaohsiung

If it’s true that the best way to understand a culture is to eat local food, then I think I almost got to know the Taiwanese culture better than Taiwanese people themselves. 🙂

Just kidding, but the truth is that while I lived in Taiwan I had the opportunity to try a lot of different kinds of food: some excellent and others disgusting, but I was always ready to try something new.

If you’ve already been to Asia, you know that it’s a foodie’s paradise. The night markets are the perfect place to find amazing food. Every night just after sunset over 300 markets scattered throughout the island welcome tens of thousands of visitors tempting them with their Xiaochi (snacks) or simply with clothes and other accessories at very cheap prices (made in China of course, which is not too far away).

A bit of history

sushi ruifeng night market

This is a bit of history about the night market in Taiwan, from Wikipedia:

Taiwanese Night Markets started as local markets that operated in urban sites. Most Night Markets started as small gatherings in street corners or in temple plazas. These markets were joined by retailers who sold handicrafts and traditional medicine…

Starting in the 1950s, Night Markets formed in Taipei’s old urban areas, and later settlements were set up across the city’s edges.

The nightmarket of Ruifeng in Kaohsiung

ruifeng night market taiwan

Taiwan’s most famous night markets are in Taipei, but that doesn’t mean that in the south you won’t find them, quite the opposite. Kaohsiung has numerous night markets and one of the most famous in the city is Ruifeng (in Chinese:瑞豐夜市 – Ruìfēng Yèshì). If you want to visit it, it is located in the district of Zuoying between Yucheng and Nanping Road. The nearest MRT stop is Kaohsiung Arena.

The main difference between this market and the others is the way it is arranged: instead of being arranged along the street like all night markets, Ruifeng is located in a dedicated space, like a square, where hundreds of stalls fill every free space.

street food in taiwan

Most of the time the snacks are take-away but some stalls are equipped with small tables and chairs.

Let’s talk about the most important part of the market: food!!! Here are a few photos of what you can see if you visit the night market in Ruifeng.

things to see in kaohsiung

Let’s start with sushi and sashimi

things to do in kaohsiung


ruifeng night market


ruifeng night market in kaohsiung

Something less conventional!!

ruifeng night market in taiwan

You should definitely try the squids…

ruifeng night market food

More food

street fodd in ruifeng night market

As you’ve seen, Taiwan is a real paradise for foodies. Visit Taiwan before it gets too popular!

Here are more pictures of Taiwan. Here is some info about other interesting places to visit in Kaohsiung: The Lotus Pond and Shoushan Monkey Mountain. Here is some more info abut Kaohsiung.

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