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Exploring the Lotus Pond (蓮池潭) of Kaohsiung – Taiwan

If you plan to visit Kaohsiung, don’t forget to spend a couple of hours walking around the Lotus Pond (蓮池潭). In this article, I explain how to get there.

lotus pond kaohsiung taiwan

If you plan to visit Taiwan, don’t forget to include Kaohsiung (here is my travel guide) in your itinerary. One of the landmarks of this city (the second largest on the island) is the Lotus Pond, which is only 5 km from the city center. The Lotus Pond is an artificial lake that is 1,5 km long and 500 meters wide, surrounded by numerous temples and pagodas. In this area, you’ll feel like you are in Asia.

A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating as stupa in historic South Asia and further developed in East Asia or with respect to those traditions, common to Nepal, India, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia.

How to get to the Lotus Pond

map lotus pond

To get to the Lotus Pond, if you stay in Kaohsiung, take the train from the Central Station to Zuoying. There is one every 15 minutes, and the trip takes just 5 minutes. The cost is NT$15. Alternatively, you can take a taxi: they are very cheap in Taiwan. Once you leave Zuoying station, cross the road and head north to Shengli Rd. You will see the lake on the right side after about 200 meters.

The best way to visit the Lotus Pond is by walking around the lake and exploring the temples one after the other. I recommend starting from the point indicated on the map and continuing clockwise. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

The temples of Lotus Pond

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (Chinese: 龍虎塔; pinyin: Lónghǔ tǎ)

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

If you follow my indications, after a few steps, you will find the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on the right side. The two pagodas are twin towers of seven stories each. In front of them are two giant statues of a tiger and a dragon. To get to the pagodas, you must walk literally inside their mouths. The two towers are connected to the road by a bridge with 9 bends.

Cihji Palace (Chinese: 慈濟宮; pinyin: Cí jì gōng)

Cihji Palace lotus pond

In front of the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, you’ll see the Cihji Palace, a temple dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, the god of medicine.

Spring and Autumn Pavilions (Chinese: 春秋閣; pinyin: chūnqiū gé)

A little further, you can see the spectacular Spring and Autumn Pavilions. Completed in 1953, two octagonal buildings of four stories each are also connected by a bridge with 9 bends.

In front of the Spring and Autumn Pavilions is a huge statue of a dragon ridden by Guanyin. To enter the Pavilion, you must walk inside the dragon’s body. Some of the bas-reliefs inside the dragon are quite interesting.

Pei Chi Pavilion (Chinese: 北極亭; pinyin: Běijí tíng)

Pei Chi Pavilion

The Pei Chi Pavilion honors the deity Xuan Wu using the honorable title “God Emperor of the North Pole.” The statue is 72 meters high, holding a 38.5-meter sword. If you pay attention, you’ll see 7 stars on the sword. This God is trampling on a serpent (the representation of evil), a common myth in many cultures.

According to some records, this should be the tallest statue in Southeast Asia.

When is the best time to visit the Lotus Pond?

lotus pond of kaohsiung in taiwan by night

Like all tourist attractions in Taiwan, avoid weekends if possible because tourists from the Mainland (don’t call them Chinese if you have Taiwanese people around you) fill every single spot.

Usually, the other side of the lake is a bit quieter.

best time to visit the lotus pond

Here are some more pictures I took in Taiwan, and here are the other two posts about what you can see in Kaohsiung: the subway station of Formosa Boulevard and Shoushan Monkey Mountain.

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  1. Jessi

    Lovely guide! Quick update for anyone headed to Lotus Pond, the Dragon & Tiger pagodas are currently entirely covered with scaffolding. The other temples are fully open for viewing (& photos)

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