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You know you are in Taiwan when…

Find out some of the most unusual things I’ve seen while I was living in Taiwan.

people in taiwan

When you visit a new country for the first time it’s very easy to notice all the weird and interesting stuff. I think this is one of the reasons why traveling is so exciting: you get to see so many new things and you realize that there are many ways to do the same things.

What happens, though, when you live abroad is that after a while you get used to all the “weird things.” You won’t notice them anymore… Well, at least this is what happened to me when I moved to Taiwan (here my travel guide).

But just to remind me that what I saw almost every day around me was very unusual, at least in other places in the world, I decided to write this post…

But after all, this is maybe just an excuse for me to share a part of my life with you. Enjoy it!

You know you are in Taiwan when…

strange things in kaohsiung taiwan

You wonder: why should you walk your dog or cat when you can just walk your rabbit?!

poop ice cream taiwan

You realize that all you know about marketing doesn’t really matter in Taiwan… After all: why should you use attractive ads to advertise ice cream when the poop-shaped ice cream sells so well?

fruits in taiwan

You find out about fruits you have never heard of before such as wax apple, dragon fruit, star fruit, and custard apple. Meanwhile, apples are considered exotic and quite expensive.

kaohsiung taiwan

You see this on a regular basis…

kaohsiung taiwan

There’s no better place to dry your noodles than on the road, is there?

chcolate cake taiwan

As soon as you see this picture you realize that this is obviously not a plant… but a chocolate ice cream.

pets in taiwan

Dogs, cats, rabbits and…pigs… There’s no limit to the pets that you can have in the city…

tea in taiwan

At the bus stop you find free tea.

first class bus taiwan

You thought that the first class was only on airplanes and trains but then you try the first class on the bus with reclining seats and TVs.

dog in taiwan

Dog is the best friend of man…

night market in taiwan

For some crazy reason you decide to take a walk in a night market during the Chinese new year and it takes 5 minutes to walk just 10 meters…

kaohsiung taiwan

You finally find the solution to the biggest problem of mankind: how to eat without having to wash the dishes…

scooter in taiwan

Forgetting where you parked the scooter is not a good idea if you don’t want to spend 3 hours looking for it in the basement of a mall …

hospitals in taiwan

It’s quite commond to find pianos in the hospitals…

orchids in taiwan

Orchids grow everywhere.

seafood in taiwan

More “street food”.

animals in taiwan

More “pets”…

bubmle bee

You find out that Bumble Bee is a transformers that spend the week fighting the Decepticon, but on weekends is a nice caregiver…Well done!…

aboriginal people taiwan

Not many know there in Taiwan there are several ethinc groups. Some of them used to be headhunters.

mrt station formosa boulevard kaohsiung taiwan

Formosa Boulevard: one of the most colorful subways stations in the world.

kaohsiung taiwan

In Taiwan all you know about road safety it’s useless…

strange things in kaohsiung taiwan

Well, safety first… but only if it’s your dog…

dog taiwan

Well, where to begin with this…

austraia taiwan

This actually reminds me of China…

old people taiwan

In Taiwan old people are always doing some stretching.

monkey taiwan

You know that life in Taiwan has a different pace and even macaques sit down and admire a beautiful sunset…

kites taiwan

But most of all, you know you are in Taiwan when you realize that what you will miss more about it is the people. They enjoy life with simple things like flying kites.

And what about you? What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen while traveling?

Here is an article about what you can do in Kaohsiung and here is an article about the Lotus Pond Park in Kaohsiung. Here is my guide to moving abroad and starting a new life.

7 thoughts on “You know you are in Taiwan when…”

  1. Andre

    I like your observation of Taiwan.

  2. Love this post, Fabio. never been to Taiwan before, I didn’t think it was as interesting as this. I’d love to see all kinds of animals being walked too. That croc on a leash is a winner!

    1. Thank you Aleah… I know it’s more fun in the Philippines.. But Taiwan can be quite funny as well.. 🙂

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