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Vero True Social: The Ultimate Social Networking App

Vero True Social is a social network to share pictures and other media. Find out if it’s worth trying it and how it works.

vero true social

If you often use social media, you might have noticed that many influencers and regular users have posted pictures about a social network called Vero True Social. Just to be clear, Vero is not a new social network. It was created in 2015 and, while in the real world that is not long ago, on the Internet it is quite some time. So what happened? Why did Vero go viral?

There are probably several reasons. I think that one of them is a very aggressive marketing campaign. It’s not a coincidence that many influencers have started posting about Vero all at the same time, especially given the fact that it has been around for quite some time. This encouraged a lot of people to download the app, tag their pictures on Instagram with #vero and #verosocial encouraging even more people to join it.

What is obvious, however, is that this app is successful, at least for now, because it satisfies an urgent need for those who use social media: maintain control over their feed, keeping it in chronological order.

how does vero true social work

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have algorithms that don’t show content in chronological order but based on various factors including the engagement of the followers, and people DON’T it. It’s as simple as that. To be honest there is no really the need for a new social network that allows you to share photos or videos or other stuff, but there is a need for a social network to allow users to regain control over their feed, and Vero, promises to do just that.

Vero was founded by the Lebanese billionaire Ayman Harir whose assets have been estimated at $ 1.3 billion by the magazine Forbes

what is vero true social

In addition to the idea of bringing the feedback in chronological order, the creators of True have promised to not allow advertising. How, however, will they be able to finance the development of the App and maintain the infrastructure to keep everything running? The idea is to have the users pay a small fee each year.

In theory, the first million users would not have had to pay anything, but now that this threshold has been exceeded they have said that for the moment the App will still be free. Let’s see if they’ll keep this promise. In any case, I’d rather pay a small recurring fee than see a constant stream of ads.

Another selling point for Vero is that they promise not to share our data with other companies, or in other words, not to earn money by selling our information to others. Hopefully, they will keep their word also in this regard.

How to use Vero

how to use vero social

Joining Vero is very simple. Once registered you can complete your bio and start following other accounts. Here you can see the first difference between Instagram and Vero. On Vero, you can categorize your followers into four different types:

  • Close friends
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Followers

The concept is similar to Facebook lists but less complicated and every time you share something you can choose who can see the post without letting your followers know if they are included or not in the list.

In addition to photos you can share: links, music, movies, books, places and you can also share other users’ profiles to recommend them to your followers (if Vero becomes really popular I imagine that this last option will be a money-making machine for influencers).

What is missing, for now, are Stories and Streaming. If you want to follow me, my id is @fabionodari.

vero social review

Another way in which Vero hopes to monetize is by keeping some commissions when its users will sell products directly from within the APP. The idea is not bad, but it remains to be seen how users will take it when they will have to pay to sign up and sell their products.

Final thoughts

vero true social how it works

Vero has entered a very difficult market in which Instagram and Tik Tok have no real competitors. Needless to say, THERE IS a need for change.

What is not clear is how sustainable can this business model be (since there are no ads).

The next few months will be crucial to see if Vero will be a new success story or not.

The last thing to say about Vero is that right now is not censored in China, yet, but there is no doubt that it will be if the app becomes popular.

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And what about you? Have you ever heard of Vero? Do you use it and if yes, do you like it? Leave your profile name in the comments. If you would like to follow me you can look for my name:
Fabio Nodari. Here I talk about fake Instagram influencers.

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16 thoughts on “Vero True Social: The Ultimate Social Networking App”

  1. Margaret Chisholm

    I joined Vero at the beginning of this year. I think it is great. I seems that for photography it is more intimate and serious. I need to figure out how to get more engagement. I am hoping Vero will become a home where I can enjoy spring, find meaningful place for my photos and learn.@coastphotography

  2. Looks like you gave up on Vero too..

  3. pace

    I’ve recently grown increasingly concerned about Vero and the misleading information they’ve been promoting. They claim not to track their users, but upon closer inspection, this appears to be far from the truth.

    When examining the tracking features within the app, it becomes clear that Vero does, in fact, monitor their users’ activities. Moreover, the app requires an excessive amount of permissions to function, indicating that they have extensive access to your phone’s data.

    As consumers, we must remain vigilant and question the claims made by companies like Vero. Always do your research and be aware of the potential privacy implications of using such apps.

  4. Akash

    Hi, any good alternative to mass planner?

    1. Fabio Nodari

      Not that I know of, sorry.

  5. Nigel Shamari Nicholas

    I just joined! Follow me, I will follow back @stluciaisparadise

  6. phillip mccallum

    I had a Vero account years ago, now I can’t use it.
    I got it after a photographer dropped them a the answer , at the time I found vero lonely not many on there. Sodom I need to open another account

  7. katherine muirhead

    Hi I’ve just joined VERO and just uploaded some photos but how do I search for photographers names that I know, as this is one thing that I can’t find, does anyone know how please reply if you do.
    Thank you

    1. Fabio Nodari

      There is a search box at the bottom of the app. You can try there.

  8. Isabella

    I started using Vero when it came out but forgot about it because none of my friends used it. But now I’m back due to being really disillusioned with Instagram’s reels policy and where the hell are all the accounts I follow and love in my feed ? We’ll see how Vero evolves in the future but back in love with it’s simplicity.

    1. Fabio Nodari

      Hi Isabella. I understand. I think a lot of people are doing exactly the same. I don’t think Vero is that awesome but I think that Instagram just sucks so much these days that people are actually fed up and are ready to use other alternatives.

  9. Andrew Blackmore

    Hello Fabio, thanks for the article. I have been disillusioned by Instagram for quite some time following the hacking of one of my accounts. Needless to say, META’s support is shameful and non-existent.

    I started using VERO a few weeks back and so far I’m loving it without the adds and the forced influence of reels over photography. There is no cropping and I can actually see peoples work at a decent resolution. They’ve also gone to the trouble of developing a (beta) desktop app, which is a godsend for photographers who actually use a camera!

    Hope these views may help a little.

    1. Fabio Nodari

      Hi Andrew. Yea gotta say I knew Instagram started to die when Facebook bought it. Hope more people will start using Vero

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