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Instagram Subscription: what is it and how does it work?

In this article, you can find out how Instagram Subscriptions work and if they are worth it, both from the point of view of the creators and the subscribers.

In a world where everything has become subscription-based, I think it was inevitable that Instagram introduced a similar model for its users. And so it happened: professional accounts with over 10,000 followers can now charge a monthly fee (between 99 cents and $99.99). Subscribers will, in exchange, get exclusive content such as Livestreaming, Stories, Reels, Posts, Group Chats, and Broadcast Channels.

This is not the first time Meta has tried to copy; I mean, it has “added” new features to its products, and the big question is whether this function will stay or go away after a while. With this being said, let’s explore Instagram subscriptions in more detail.

Instagram Subscription: what is it?

Instagram Subscription is an option that allows content creators to monetize their accounts by charging a monthly fee.

As for now, only accounts from a few countries are eligible to enable subscriptions. You can quickly check if you have this option by visiting an account that has enabled them (for example, mine). You are eligible if you see the subscribe button and have the minimum requirements I mentioned earlier.

Currently, Instagram takes no cut from subscriber revenue, but Google and Apple collect 30% in fees, and I anticipate that soon enough, Instagram will also take its part. This is an important consideration when deciding the price you want to charge.

The main difference between Instagram subscriptions and websites like Patreon is that with Instagram, the price is the same for everyone. At the same time, Patreon offers different support tiers where people can pledge a different amount of money and get more content.

How to activate Instagram Subscriptions?

You’ll see the option on your main page if your account is eligible. Activating the Subscriptions is a pretty straightforward process. You’ll have to provide personal info such as residence, fiscal residence, and your preferred payout method such as Bank Account or Paypal. It only takes a few minutes to set everything up.

After that, you can choose what to offer your supporters, how much to charge, and special promotions like discounted prices or cancellation promos. You can always edit those details later on.

How do Instagram Subscriptions work?

After enabling the function, you’ll get a message telling you that in three days, Instagram will send the notifications to your followers (but you can also opt to send them immediately). This means that you have 3 days to create some exclusive content.

You’ll also get some recommendations, like creating a few exclusive posts visible to everyone. This is to help people to get an idea about what kind of content they’ll get. You can also create a welcome Reel and Story, a Promo Reel, and a Broadcasting channel: a read-only chat where you can write, and your subscribers can react to the content with an emoji.

All the exclusive content will get a blue crown, and you’ll also get a new tab on your main page where the posts will be featured.

The idea is to create enough exclusive content for the new subscribers, but at the same time, you don’t want to overdo it, since there is no way of knowing if it will be worth the effort and time you put into it.

Your subscribers will get a blue crown visible whenever they comment on your posts (even the nonexclusive ones).

Instagram Subscriptions? Are they worth it?

This is a twofold question. Are Instagram subscriptions worth it from the creator’s point of view, and are they worth it from the subscriber’s point of view?

POV: the Creator

I just got started, so it’s pretty early for me to give a definitive answer, but so far, these are some of the pros and cons I found.


  • Authenticity: You can stop worrying about the algorithm if you have enough subscribers and focus on creating content you care about
  • Monetization: You can monetize your content without the need to create a blog or YouTube channel
  • Audience Loyalty: You can find “True Fans,” aka those who care about what you do
  • Engagement: Subscriptions can foster a closer connection between creators and their most dedicated followers. Subscribers are likelier to engage with content, comment, and provide feedback.


  • Platform Dependency: You become further dependent on a platform you have zero control over. Any changes in the platform can impact your income and audience reach
  • Pressure to Deliver: you may feel pressured to continually produce high-quality content for subscribers, potentially leading to burnout
  • Content Strain: Balancing exclusive content for subscribers while maintaining a presence for non-subscribers can be challenging
  • Platform Fees: Google and Apple stores take a cut of subscription revenue, reducing your earnings

POV: the Subscriber

You must consider these things when deciding if you want to support a creator.


  • Exclusive Content: Subscribers gain access to unique and premium content that is not available to non-subscribers, providing a more personalized experience
  • Direct Connection: Subscribers often have a closer relationship with creators, with opportunities for direct communication, Q&A sessions, and more personalized interactions.
  • Supporting Creators: Subscribers feel good knowing they are directly supporting their favourite creators and helping them continue their work


  • Cost: Subscriptions can add up, primarily if a subscriber supports multiple creators, making it an ongoing financial commitment.
  • Expectations vs. Reality: There’s a risk that the exclusive content may not meet subscribers’ expectations, leading to disappointment

These were some of my considerations. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out my Instagram profile. Subscribe if you like it. You can always unsubscribe later on.

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