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Day trip to Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖), in Yunnan: top things to see

In this article, you will find ideas on what to see and do in Fuxian Lake, Yunnan.

cosa vedere a fuxian lake

Fuxian Lake is the third largest, after Dianchi (in Kunming) and Erhai in Dali (my guide here). It’s also the third deepest lake in China.

If you’re planning a trip without straying too far from Kunming, Fuxian is the right option.

Why you should visit Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖) and how to get there

Fuxian Lake is the ideal place to relax in contact with nature. The coast is very beautiful, the water is clear, and there are numerous beaches. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed due to some very restrictive environmental policies. Similar policies are becoming increasingly more common in many areas of China.

Having said that, you have to consider a few things before deciding whether to visit Lake Fuxian. In my case, for instance, coming from Italy, we have many fantastic lakes. Going to China to see another lake doesn’t make much sense.

However, if you are already near Kunming, or at least Kunming is part of your itinerary, you may consider taking a detour and including Fuxian in your trip. You will see a part of China that is little known, especially regarding environmental protection.

The best option for visiting the lake is renting a car (if you live in China) or booking a driver through a travel agency so that you’ll be able to get around the coast. Unfortunately, public transportation is not available.

Top things to see and to do

Here are some interesting places I discovered while exploring the area.

Pink beach 红山咀 (Hongshanzui)

pink beach

One of the most famous places on the Lake is Pink Beach. The Chinese name is 红山咀 (Hongshanzui). It’s a beautiful sandy beach with a pinkish color. The first picture of the article was taken there.

I couldn’t find out if the sand was imported from other parts of China, but in any case, the surrounding mountains are rich in iron, so the soil is often reddish. Probably that is the reason for the color of the sand. This beach has become very popular thanks to Chinese social media, so you will likely find many people.

In the map above, you can roughly see the beach is location.

Moon Bay Wetland Park (月亮湾湿地公园)

All the hotels are located on the North Coast, and you’ll also find another rather large beach. To enter the area, you’ll have to pay a fee, but it’s worth it: the park where the beach is located (Moon Bay Wetland Park -月亮湾湿地公园) is very well kept. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed, just like in the rest of the lake. Most hotels offer beach access, which is included in the price of the reservation.

These are some photos of the northern area of Fuxian Lake.

As you can see, this area is reminiscent of the tropical beaches of Sanya or Southeast Asia.

Exploring the coast

Fuxian Lake’s coast is beautiful, and it feels like driving along the roads of the Italian coast in certain sections. If you can’t rent a car or a car with a driver, you might want to consider renting a scooter or a bicycle. In the northern part of the lake, a very long pedestrian platform has been built from where you can admire the lake.

This view reminds me of Italy

Beach of the Sun 阳光海岸

In the upper part of the lake, there is another developed area for tourists with a huge beach and other touristic facilities. In front of the beach is a small island with a small temple.

Jieyushi Park 界鱼石公园

In the south, Fuxian Lake is separated from Xingyun Lake (星云湖) by a small strip of land. According to a local legend, the two lakes are connected, but the fish, for some reason, never managed to cross the natural boundary. Jieyushi Park stands on this symbolic spot, and there is also a rather old Taoist temple there, dating back to the 17th century.

When is the best time to visit Fuxian Lake?

Fuxian is, like Kunming, famous for its mild climate all year round. The rainy season starts around May and lasts until September/October, so avoid that period. In any case, it will never be too cold or too hot.

Where to stay in Fuxian Lake

If you plan to stay one night, the northern part is the most developed, and you will find all the main hotel facilities, including the beautiful Hilton you see in the picture above.

If you want something cheaper, I recommend, which has way more options than

There are cheaper options if you don’t want to spend too much. I found a room for about 130RMB per night. Unfortunately, however, these options are not available on, so you’ll have to book something once you get there.

If you’re looking for other places to visit nearby Kunming, I’ve written about Yiliang and Mile, two very interesting cities. Here, you can find more info about the Puzhehei scenic area. Don’t miss my Yunnan travel guide.

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    I liked Gushan island with its temples in Fuxian Lake a lot.

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