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The Top World Tourism and Travel Exhibitions in 2024

Do you want to know the most important World Tourism and Travel Exhibitions this year? Find out more in this post.

Even if we live in the age of social networks, where it seems that human relationships are now entirely managed via the Internet, we should never underestimate the importance of human relations, even when talking about the Blogging and Tourism industries.

But how can a Blogger get in touch, meet potential partners, and find new collaboration opportunities? Participating in one of the many Tourism and Travel Exhibitions.

Unfortunately, I understood this after spending a long time writing dozens and dozens of e-mails to various tourism bureaus and travel agencies, all of which went regularly unanswered. Eventually, after asking several other bloggers for some suggestions, they all gave me the same answer: It’s important to personally get to know other people working in the same industry or, in a word, networking.

After clarifying this aspect, the second question is: which Tourism and Travel Exhibitions is best to attend? If you check the site, you will find a huge list of more or less important exhibitions. The answer to the question is: it depends. It depends on many things.

Attending all the exhibitions, even the most important ones, is impossible because they are held worldwide. As I see it, attending at least one or two is a good option.

Top Tourism and Travel Exhibitions in Italy

BIT Milano

Held in Milan, with over 2000 exhibitors and more than 50.000 visitors, it is one of the leading trade fairs in Italy. You can meet industry experts, explore the latest trends in the world of travel, discover unique destinations, and find inspiration for your next adventures

TTG Rimini

fuxian beach lake

By now, it is a classic and the most important fair in Italy and one of the main ones in Europe. I would say you shouldn’t miss it. It’s the right place to meet the best Bloggers and find important collaborations. Being so important, the competition is very high.

BTO Firenze

Buy Tourism Online, the benchmark event on travel and innovation, is held in beautiful Florence. Very interesting for those who want to explore digital innovations and emerging opportunities in the tourism industry.

Bitesp Venezia

saint mark square venice italy

This is an event entirely dedicated to incoming and outgoing operators of experiential tourism in sectors such as tourism: culture, food and wine, sports, parks and nature, etc.

The most important Tourism and Travel Exhibitions in the World

TBEX Europa | TBEX Nord America

TBEX is the largest tourism trade show aimed specifically at bloggers. At TBEX, you will find all the big influencers. If you are a blogger and have to choose a trade show to attend, I would say go to TBEX.

  • Date: May 30, 31, 2024
  • Location: San Sebastian, Spain
  • Date: 11,12 Luglio 2024
  • Luogo: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Website:

ITB di Berlino

ITB Berlin is the world’s largest tourism trade fair. Companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourism boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines, and car rental companies. More than 10,000 exhibitors from around the world are present.

MITT of Moscow

It’s the most important in Russia and one of the top 5 in the world.

JATA Tourism Expo Japan


It’s one of the world’s largest and most important tourism pavilions.

ITB Asia

sunrise singapore5

It is the most important trade fair in Asia. If you have already attended the ITB in Berlin, it’s probably not worth attending this one.

WTM London

With more than 100,000 visitors, it is the largest fair in Europe. Many other countries where the WTM organizes fairs besides London have recently been added. You can find the full list in the link below.

How to get ready before attending Tourism and Travel Exhibitions?

I don’t think there is any need to specify that you need to be prepared before attending these events. Tourism Exhibitions are huge, and you’ll waste your time if you don’t have clear goals. Depending on your niche, whether it’s low-cost travel, luxury travel, Asia, or anything else, focus on your strengths.

Don’t waste your time contacting those who deal with luxury travel if your blog has to do with backpacking (this is one of the reasons why it’s always better to avoid creating sites with names linked to the low-cost travel unless you do a total rebranding, you can only collaborate with those who arrange low-cost trips!).

One of the first things you will be asked will be some numbers about your blog and social networks, including audience reach, audience interests, etc… Where do your readers come from? What’s the average age? Prepare all the info you’ll need before attending the fair. Try to be as professional as possible.

This is a good article that explains what people working in the industry are looking for. I recommend that you read it. Also, remember to be patient, smile, and be friendly. Don’t forget paper, a pen, and comfortable shoes. You’ll walk a lot!

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