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The Ultimate Nong Khiaw, Laos Travel Guide

If you plan a trip to Laos, don’t miss Nong Khiaw. In this guide, you can find helpful info about what to see in this small town about 4 hours from Luang Prabang.

nong khiaw viewpoint

The first time I heard about Nong Khiaw was when planning my trip to Laos and was looking for something to do while in Luang Prabang (here is my travel guide). Due to its remote location, you’ll have to spend at least one night there.

Best time to visit Nong Khiaw

The best time to visit Nong Khiaw is between October and February. The weather is not too hot (it can be a bit chill in the morning), and the humidity is low. It’s an excellent time for hiking, kayaking, and exploring nearby caves. March to May are the hottest months of the year, and monsoon begins in late July and lasts until September, with the city witnessing landslides and floods, so I don’t recommend visiting during this time.

How to get to Nong Khiaw

There aren’t many options to get to Nong Khiaw. The starting point is Luang Prabang. It was possible to get to the village by boat, but after constructing a massive dam, this is no longer a good option.

While still technically possible, it will cost you a lot of money and time. You’ll have to take a boat from Luang Prabang to a location close to the damn; then you’ll have to take a tuk-tuk to a location further upstream and then take a second boat. I don’t recommend it.

The other two options are public buses (leaving from the Northern Bus station in Luang Prabang) or minivans. These are the pros and cons:

  • Public bus: it’s cheaper, and the seats are slightly more comfortable, but it’s impossible to buy the tickets in advance, and they are often sold out when you get to the bus station.
  • Minivan: it’s slightly more expensive and uncomfortable, but you can book it the day before through one of the many agencies, and you are guaranteed to have a seat.

I recommend booking a minivan seat in advance on your way back to Luang Prabang, especially if you have to catch a train (here, I wrote about some of the challenges when booking a train in Laos).

Where to stay in Nong Khiaw

bomb nong khiaw

I stayed at the Meexok guesthouse (booked via, and it was very simple but clean accommodation. There are some more expensive and comfortable options if you want to. Don’t forget to double-check on to see if you can get some discounts. Since Nong Khiaw is a small village, pretty much all the hotels and guesthouses are a short walking distance from the main bridge, where most of the restaurants and bars are located.

Top Things to Do in Nong Khiaw in 2 days

kayak nong khiaw

There are three things that most people visiting this village do during a one or two-night stay: hiking the viewpoints, arranging a day trip to Muang Ngoy, and exploring some of the caves in the area. If you stay for more nights, you can extend the day trip to Muang Ngoy and do a two or three-day hiking trip to the surrounding area.

Booking the excursions is easy since there are many tour agencies along the main road, and you can walk in a day earlier and book your tour for the following day.

Pha Daeng Peak

Getting to the top of the viewpoint takes about 1.5 hours and is a difficult hike. The best time to get there is at sunset. If you are lucky, you can see the sea of clouds. I visited Laos at the end of February when the farmers in southeast Asia burned their fields, and the sky was very hazy, so I didn’t see any good sunrise or sunset.

There is a lower viewpoint where you can camp for one night, but the view isn’t as good as at Pha Daeng Peak.

Day trip to Muang Ngoy

Muang Ngoy is a remote village that can only be reached by boat. If you join the one-day tour, you’ll head there first, hike a small hill to have a panoramic view of the river and the village, and then visit a cave.

You can stay there for a few nights since there are a few guesthouses available. Honestly, the number of accommodation options is disproportionate compared to the number of local people living there.

The village is spread out along the dusty road, and there isn’t much to do. Technically, you could visit this village independently since a boat leaves daily from Nong Khiaw. The catch is that the return boat from Muang Ngoy to Nong Khiaw leaves at 9:00 am. This means you won’t be able to do a day trip alone. A move to discourage people from travelling independently and force them to join a tour. It’s this kind of scam that pisses me off when travelling in Southeast Asia: they happen all the time.

After visiting Muang Ngoy, you’ll catch the same tour boat to visit another village: Sop Keng.

This village is poorer than Muan Ngoy; no guesthouses have been built yet, although I saw a few under construction. This is where you can see how people in the countryside live in Laos.

This second part of the tour includes a one-hour-long hike to a waterfall where you can swim. After that, you’ll slowly head back to the boat, and you can choose to kayak for the last part of the trip back to Nong Khiaw.

A visit to the local market

Nong Khiaw local market

I always like to visit local markets to see something new, and Nong Khiaw is no exception. It’s not that different from some local markets around Yunnan (here is my travel guide) since they are geographically similar, especially in the southern part of Yunnan, in the Xishuangbanna area. The market is only open for a few hours in the early morning. Ask your guesthouse for the exact location.

Final thoughts about Nong Khiaw

After returning from my trip, I have mixed feelings about this small village on the bank of the Ou River. While most people try to sell it as an off-the-beaten-track destination, the truth is that it’s far from being a remote paradise with no tourists. There is plenty of accommodation, and many tourists do the same tours. It’s hard to get there due to the limited number of buses and minivans leaving Luang Prabang, but Nong Khiaw is not an untouched place.

You’ll see plenty of backpackers everywhere despite being a tiny village. You’ll also find bars with cocktails and happy hour offers.

This being said, I think it has its charm, especially if you think that the village was almost completely wiped out by the USA during the Vietnam War, and Laos became the country to receive the highest number of bombs per capita in the world. So tourism is a great way to improve the lives of the local people. Don’t expect to be one of the few tourists to adventure here, though, because this is not true.

Here, you can find some other pictures I took in Laos. Here is my travel guide to Vang Vieng in Laos.

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  1. Ling

    Hey Fabio! Thank you for all your information.
    I plan to visit Nong Khiaw during China Dragon boat festival. Is it possible to book the minivan ticket online in advance or have to be there to book it? My original plan is flying to LP at noon then take go to Rong Khiaw in the afternoon.
    And after read your article, I might reschedule the trip from June to Oct China national holidays.
    I am from Guilin and think RK look very similar as my hometown. Maybe one of the big differences is it is not as crowdy as Yangshuo

    1. Hi Ling. I think it’s possible but it’s a good idea to maybe ask your guesthouse to help you out

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