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MassPlanner Gets Shut Down

A few weeks after Instagress, Massplanner gets shut down too. Read to see if there is any alternative.


Instagress, a popular bot site used to grow Instagram accounts, got shut down. It was a shock for many, especially those who used it to monetize their accounts. Bots are actually a big problem in social media as they can basically kill a social network (according to a study 48 million Twitter accounts are bot).

The other problem is that Social Media have been created to make money, and obviously, those who created them are not happy to see hundreds of thousands of accounts that get a lot of traffic and leads bypassing the paid advertisement that social media offers.

So this news is not unexpected.

What was MassPlanner?

best alternative to massplanner

The difference between MassPlanner and other popular apps is that MassPlanner was a software that you had to run on your PC all the time to use.

But it was also much more customizable than any other tool available, and it had an incredible number of options to make it look like it was a real human being using it, such as:

  • Following people’s accounts if they meet certain criteria
  • Unfollowing accounts
  • Liking posts while following new accounts
  • Blocking accounts
  • Commenting
  • Joining Groups/Communities on other social media
  • Direct Messaging
  • Scheduling

Besides Instagram, MassPlanner allowed users to use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (now defunct), and Pinterest. So, it’s still unclear why they shut down the whole software since only Instagram seems involved in this legal battle. This is the message all users got:

Hi guys,
We know how much you love MassPlanner and we appreciate your support all this time. Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you today. Due to a request from Instagram, we were forced to shut down our services. Effective immediately you will no longer be able to access our services.
Thank you for understanding,

The MassPlanner team

Other popular bots like Peerboost, FanHarvest, and Instaplus also got shut down.

Alternatives to Massplanner and Instagress

I sincerely advise against using any form of automation. It’s easy to risk a partial or total ban and lose years of work.

Instagram can be a new opportunity to become a digital nomad and work on the Internet anywhere in the world. Here is my review of a new social: Vero, and here is the review of Firework TV, another new social. Here I talk about the fake Instagram influencers.

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