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Funny and Creepy banners in China during the Coronavirus outbreak

In this article, you will find a collection of propaganda banners in China to encourage people to stay at home during the Coronavirus.

Huge red banners are very common in all of China. They can be found in every corner of megacities and small villages and serve as a reminder of how much the Party plays a central role in the life of the people.

Usually, apart from the classic invitation to live in a “civilized manner and in harmony with the principles of the Party” these slogans have no particularly disturbing messages.

During COVID-19, however, things were different. Throughout the country, very restrictive measures have been taken to limit the spread of the disease in all of China but some counties went the extra mile in trying to establish more restrictive forms of control.

One of the thing that seem to have gotten out of hand is the use of propaganda banners to “invite” people to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

Here are some of the weirdest.

带病回乡不孝儿郎,传染爹娘丧尽天良: Coming home with your disease won’t make your parents happy, infecting mom and dad proves you don’t have a conscience.

发烧不说的人,都是潜伏在人民群众中的阶级敌人: Those who don’t report their fever are class enemies hiding among the people

老实在家防感染,丈人来了也得撵: Stay home to prevent infection, if the in-laws come to visit, don’t let them in

省小钱不戴口罩,花大钱卧床治病: Save pennies by not wearing a mask, spend a fortune to get treatment on your sick bed

口罩还是呼吸机,您老看着二选一: A surgical mask or a breathing tube, the choice is yours

今年过年不串门,来串门的是敌人,敌人来了不开门: No visitors for this year’s Chinese New Year, whomever comes to visit you is an enemy. Don’t open the door to enemies

养老金能拿多久,取决于你最近出门的次数: Please avoid going to crowded places as much as possible, the amount of pension you will receive when you retire depends on how often you go out

不聚餐是为了以后还能吃饭,不串门是为了以后还有亲人: Not to gather for a party is to be able to eat in the future, not to visit others is to have relatives in the future

串门就是互相残杀,聚会就是自寻短见: Visiting friends and family is a mutual massacre, celebrating is seeking death

今天沾一口野味,明天地府相会: One wild animal bite today, I’ll see you in hell tomorrow

少吃一顿饭,亲情不会淡: Skipping a meal won’t hurt the love of the family

出来聚会的是无耻之辈,一起打麻将的是亡命之徒: Those who go out for parties are shameless people, those who play mahjong with others risk their lives

这个时候你在路上遇到的所有人都是向你索命的孤魂野鬼: Everyone you meet on the street now is a wild ghost trying to take your life

神仙也要戴口罩,疫情不是开玩笑: Even the Chinese gods must wear masks, the epidemic is no joke

只要家里有根葱,坚决不往超市冲: As long as there is a shallot at home, do not go to the supermarket

今天到处乱跑,明年坟上长草: If you go out in public today, the grass will grow on your grave next year

出门打断腿,还嘴打掉牙: I’ll break your legs if you insist on leaving, I’ll break your teeth if you dare me

不戴口罩就出门,这个杂种不是人: You’re a piece of trash if you go out without wearing a mask

今天野味吃得饱,明天病床要躺好: Eat a lot of wild animals today, rest well in the hospital bed tomorrow

在家待着不要乱串.空调 电视 wifi相伴: Stay home and don’t go out. You have heating, television and wifi as friends

野生动物不要碰,病毒随时往你身上蹦: Don’t touch wild animals, viruses can jump at you at any time.

儿女如何算孝顺?看住爸妈不出门!How to show your filial mercy? By having your parents grounded!

举报爹妈去麻将馆,就如当年他们举报黑网吧: Report the mahjong houses your parents go to, just like they reported illegal internet cafes years ago

出村如自杀,居家最安全: Leaving the village is like committing suicide, staying at home is the safest choice you can make

戴口罩总比带呼吸机好,躺家里总比躺ICU强: Wearing a mask is undeniably better than being hooked to a breathing tube, lying at home is better than being put in intensive care

我们隔离的是病毒,不是湖北同胞: What we quarantine are not our comrades in Hubei, but the virus.

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