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Traveling Around Europe By Bus: FlixBus review

Do you like to travel, but you are on a tight budget? Find out if FlixBus is an excellent option to travel around Europe without spending a fortune.

flixbus review

Since I moved to Asia, one of the things that I miss most about Europe is how easy and cheap it is to travel there: with Ryanair, you can fly between major cities for a few euros and, if time is not a priority, since 2013 there is another excellent option: FlixBus. FlixBus is a German company based in Munich that offers intercity coach services in various European countries (and the United States).

Due to its low prices, some competitors were not happy when Flixbus started operating in Italy and tried to stop it (like the taxi drivers’ lobby did with Uber), but thankfully, they failed.

How does FlixBus work

flixbus milan berlin

Booking a ticket is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Currently, there are about 1200 destinations in 24 countries; on this map, you can see all the cities that Flixbus connects.

All major Western European cities are well connected, and you can use the map to check all possible routes. Regarding Italy, the only two regions with few routes are the two major islands: Sicily and Sardinia. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more buses. The most connected Italian city is Milan.

flixbus review

Once you have chosen your departure city and destination, click on book now to get to the next page.

From here, you can choose the date, time, and arrival station if there is more than one in the city. Click “Book now” and continue with the payment. You can use both credit/debit cards and PayPal.

One thing you have to remember is the luggage size limitation. Here’s what the site says:

Generally your ticket includes the free transportation of:

One item of hand baggage (max. 42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7kg)

1 travel baggage item (max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm (31.5 x 19.7 x 11.9 in), some deviations in dimensions allowed for max

There are several night buses if you want to travel during the night. They make fewer stops than day trips, so the trip will be much shorter. You’ll also save a night in the hotel, which is not bad.

Interflix: 5 cities for 99€

UPDATE: unfortunately, it seems like the Interflix option has been discontinued

options about flixbus

FlixBus is ideal for visiting European capitals such as Ljubljana in Slovenia.

The most exciting option, in my opinion, is called Interflix. It allows you to travel between 5 European cities at a fixed price of 99€. The only limitation is that you can’t travel to the same city twice.

There is no shortage of options, though, as there are over 1200 destinations in 24 countries. As you can see, booking a ticket with FlixBus is very easy. This might be a great chance to visit Rome, one of my favorite cities.

11 thoughts on “Traveling Around Europe By Bus: FlixBus review”

  1. Alina

    It’s always terrible in Sweden! No one ever knows where the buses depart from, and the drivers leave whenever they want, even if the passengers who bought tickets in advance did not get on the bus! The driver just decided to go early and sneeze, they wanted you to waste your time and money! The service does not return money and you will be guilty and have nothing to prove.

  2. Emmanuel Goldberg

    The driver from Torino did not want to let us in the bus, while we had a reservation No 3086487636 After discussions, the driver asked us 20 Euros more then the ticket to allow us to get in. No receipt was given, meaning that these 20 Euros are getting in his own pockets. Flixbus is formenting corruption and manslaughter.

  3. Christos

    The Interflix 99 Euro deal is discontinued. *Sob*

  4. Would never ever go with Flix bus again.we booked 2 trips with them.1st trip to Slovakia was fine apart from toilet not working.2nd trip was to Budapest which was good & the driver told us we are being picked up at the exact spot we were dropped off at.our return was 7.15pm but we were there waiting from early coach came about 6.40 & we asked if we can get on but he said NO & we have to wait for the next was about 7.10pm & no sign of our bus anywhere so we started to panic.we asking for help but not only was there a language barrier,they also seemed like they didn’t want to help us.we called FLIX BUS & explained the situation & the lady said that we missed the bus & we have to buy another ticket.we then by no choice brought another ticket & went home by train.Because of the driver & the company in general,2 of us were left stranded in a country that we have never been before,no one to help you unless your from that country & speak there language.beautiful country,but not the people.

    1. Fabio Nodari

      Sorry about your experience. Thanks for sharing your feedback

  5. Artsiom

    I will also share my opinion about this “wonderfull company”!
    I used the services of Flixbus when driving from Prague to Krakow. The trip was generally normal. But at the Katowice station, I got off the bus (to warm up). I came to the timetable where the bus was parked. And saw that it must leave a station at 6:30 p.m. It was 6:10 p.m. Time plays an important role here. I realized that I have time to go to the store at the train station. And when I got from there at 6:15 p.m., I saw that the bus was already gone! The driver does not matter about schedule and what you need to check the passengers! And left me in a strange city, without things or documents! But that’s okay, because this story has 3 stages! I even drew a separate conclusion at the end, for those who don’t want to read it all.
    Stage two. When I got to Krakow, I went to the company’s office and told myself what had happened. The manager listened to me (by the way, it’s the only sane person in this story). He said the driver was at the bus station but already leaved. He called the driver and told them about the incident. And he said in response that it is terrible and that we will surely solve this problem. No!!! It was sarcasm. He laughed and said I’ll be in two days. Besides, Krakow for me is also a city in which I have nothing and also no acquaintances!
    Level three. I wrought a letter to support. They didn’t care either. And my letter went unanswered for almost 2 days. Later, I also wrote to the company’s manager in a live chat. He checked and replied that my application and the truth were received and of course we will answer it as soon as possible. I must say that more than a week has passed and “as soon as possible” has not come !! I. E. to my application so far and has not responded. I also had to stay another day because the second manager in the office refused to call the colleague and check the information when I returned. He made me wait another day. And it turned out he was wrong.
    When I wrote to the company for the second time, I promised the manager that if my application is not answered in 2 days, I will write on all platforms where I can find Flixbus company. But that didn’t embarrass him either. And my parents taught me that promises must be kept. Fortunately for the company, I only know 4 languages ​​and I don’t have a lot of time. But a promise is a promise.
    Result: I lost 3 days with no things and no documents in a strange city, the driver even made fun of this fact, the company’s managers are not interested in such cases (attention, there was an adequate manager in the story).

    1. Thanks for your feedback. It’s always good to hear both positive and negative experiences.

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