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Top things to do and to see in the Island of Burano in one day

Are you planning a trip to Burano in Italy? Find out some of the most exciting things to do and see on this beautiful island in one day.

Things to do in Burano in one day

A trip to Venice is a must if you love traveling. But Venice isn’t the only attraction you can visit in that area. The area is dotted with hundreds of small beautiful islands, each with its own history and characteristics.

For some reason, not all those who visit Venice take the time for a day (or half-day) trip to Burano. If you plan to visit Venice, don’t make the same mistake!

Three reasons why you should visit

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Here are three reasons why if you are in Venice, you should plan a visit to the island of Burano:

The colorful houses

You may have seen some photos of Venice with its beautiful, colorful houses. The truth is that those photos were taken not in Venice but in Burano.

What is the reason why the houses of Burano are so colorful? If you try searching for information, you will probably find several explanations. One is that in the past, fishermen painted their houses in bright colors to be recognized from afar when they returned to port.

Today, if someone wants to paint the exterior walls of his or her house, he or she must apply to the municipality, which will respond with a list of available colors.

Less crowded than Venice

Another good reason to visit Burano is that this small island is generally less crowded than Venice. If you tire of St. Mark’s Square crowds, take a vaporetto and go to Burano.

In the main square, you can also see the Leaning Bell Tower. Eating in restaurants is generally slightly cheaper on the island than in Venice. You can find some good deals for the hotels in Burano on

Burano’s Lace

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Burano is famous for its handmade lace. Lace is part of Burano’s tradition.

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Back in the 1500s, the women of Burano started stitching lace. Each woman specialized in a single stitch (there are 7 stitches in total), and each piece would have to be passed from woman to woman to finish.

That’s why one handmade lace centerpiece for a tablecloth takes so long.

I asked the old woman you see in the picture above how long it takes to finish a lace, and she said it depends, but it could take as long as three months.

If you want one, remember that most of the lace you can buy today is not handmade.

If you want to buy a handmade one, be prepared to pay a lot. In Burano, you can visit the Museum and School of Lacemaking.

Things to do in one day

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One of the most iconic places in Burano is the Church of San Martino Vescovo, which, with its leaning tower, has become the island’s symbol. Built in the 16th century but renovated several times, the church houses some valuable paintings by Venetian painter Giandomenico Tiepolo.

Another building not to be missed is the Burano Lace Museum (in Piazza Galuppi), which houses a collection of lace and textiles made by the skilled hands of local women.

One of the most famous destinations in Burano is the bridge called Tre Ponti. The name is due to the uniqueness of the structure: a wooden bridge with three stairways that connects three different islands in the city, namely Giudecca, San Martino Sinistra, and San Mauro.

The Fish Market is another famous place on the island. Located in San Martino Sinistra, this market is still used today. It is in a small square with several tables to display goods. The market is strategically located near the canal, so fishermen in the past could easily reach it by sea, and it’s also close to the historic center of Burano.

The Fondamenta di Terranova is perhaps the most beautiful street in Burano. The street runs alongside the canal, dividing the sestieri San Martino Sinistra and San Martino Destra from the sestiere and Isola Terranova.

How to get there and where to stay

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Getting to Burano is very easy. If you are in Venice, head towards Fondamenta Nove. From Fondamenta Nove, take Vaporetto No. 12, which, after a stop in Murano, will take you directly to Burano.

As for the accommodation, there are several options in Burano. I usually like to look for a hotel once I arrive at my destination, but in the case of Burano, since it is a well-known destination, perhaps it is better to book in advance with Booking. You can find some good deals here.

If you plan a visit to Venice, why not include Burano? It will be worth it.

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  1. Loved the colours! Venice is surely on my bucketlist!

  2. josephine

    I love Venice, I was also in Burano, yes the handy work from the lace is amazing, I bought a table cloth it was worth it.also some hand paint ornaments from murano as well.

    1. I love Venice too Josephine.. And It is incredible to see the artists working in Murano and Burano..It’s so difficult today to find such talented people..

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